Rural Patrolling – Getting into the Area

Large areas of Midshire are rural and undeveloped and as such there are large areas that need to be patrolled but can be difficult to get access to.  The MDF make great use of the River network and Sapper Boat teams provide Riverine Operations to drop off and collection of troops as well as conducting there own patrols.

The standard craft is the Mk3 Assault Craft, this can carry 4 equipped troops and one crewman.

The Sapper Boats also allow for resupplying of foot patrols and were necessary will CASEVAC the injured, this is particularly vital in the areas of Forest where the canopy is too dense to get a helicopter in.

Here we see a Boat Section dropping off a FSG Recce patrol into one of the more remote areas of the Midshire Bush. DSCF1388a DSCF1394a DSCF1401a  Once the Drop Off Point is identified then Breaching drills are conducted – this isn’t an assault landing so there is no need for a rapid exit.  The Beach Head is secured and equipment is unloaded.


Once ready the patrol moves off and the Boats Section with draw and head for the next tasking.

DSCF1419a DSCF1410a DSCF1426a

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Give Covering Fire!!!!!

A MDF Border Scout patrol has come under contact, the lead patrol member had been hit but has been grabbed by his Oppo and needs to be CASEVACed.

The Remainder of the patrol form a base line, with the LMG providing the suppressing fire as the Casualty is recovered back to the team to allow for extraction.  Helicopters are on their way to support and extract the injured scout.

DSCF1552a DSCF1551a DSCF1549a

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All Tooled Up and Looking for Trouble!

With the ever present threat of incursions there is always patrols out on the ground, while these may be foot or vehicle mounted patrols they will always be able to switch from Recce to Fighting Patrols instantly.

Here the Patrols of the Fire Support Group pose for a Photo, with the Short Wheel Base WMIC Landrover and a typical mix of patrol weapons.

DSCF1607a DSCF1603a DSCF1606a

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As way of an update, several projects are ongoing in the MDF Workshop.  The AH32 attack helicopter has just ententered service, while the Prowler is undergoing air trials.

The MTV(FS) programme is behind schedule but expected to complete this summer(14).

 Keep posted for more updates.

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FSG maintain patrols despite the weather

Even in the depths of winter there can be no let up from the Goslian Armed Forces.  to counter this threat the MDF continue to maintain active patrol routine, either by the Border Scouts or by the more conventional units such as the Fire Support Group.DSCF1285a

The mix of mobile and foot patrols ensure that enemy forces are continually on the back foot.


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Threat Update – Goslian 75mm RR Teams

Recent Int information has found that the Daigo Goslian Army has now started to deploy 75mm Recoilless Rifles into the Southern TAOR.


These weapons are operated by a 3 man team often supported by an infantry section for protection.  They are clearly looking to target the Armoured elements of the MDF and likey targets will be the Armoured Car Units of the RAR.


All MDF units have been informed of the threat increase and the Fire Support Group and Recce Commando have been tasked to intercept and eliminate the threat.Image

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Armoured Patrol

The MDF Royal Armour Regiment (RAR) are heavily committed to conducting partolling in the Urban and rural area often in support of other units and call signs.

Here we see typical Armoured Patrol in the Bush of the Southern TAOR.  As patrols move between incidents and areas they are frequently required to obtain updates on the local situations and Intelligence.



Seen here, the Patrol commander receives a verbal brief on the local and current threat from a Border patrol Section Commander.



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Recce Selection Course

Once again potential hopefuls have put themselves forward to be concidered good enough to join the Recce Commando.  but before this can happen they must endure the selection process, 5 months of endurance and skill development.

The course starts with what is known as “Pre- Selection” this is a two week phase that concentraits on the physical capabilitiesof the candidates and is often called “Beasting fortnight”.  The canadates are set tasks that range from timed load carrys of 10-40 miles, night navigations and extended PT sessions aimed solely to access the physical and mental limits of the candiates.

Kit check prior to a load carry march

 Prior to each loaded march all personnel have their kit check to ensure that they are carrying a suitable weight and that it reflects a combat load that they may have to carry for real.

The load will always include personal weapon with 8 fully loaded magazines, Grenades (Smoke, Frag and White Phos), 7.62mm Belt ammo, radio, M72 Law or 50mm Mortar, water, spare kit, FFD, shovel and sleeping system.

Over the comming weeks we will try and come back and see how the candiates are progressing and see who will eventually be presented with there Slouch Hats and have the ability to say that they are a Recce Commando!

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Homestead Attack Thwarted

A statement has been released stating that a Goslian attack on Harper’s Gully Homestead was thwarted by a patrol from the MDF Recce Commando.

Goslian Infantry on the attack

The Homestead was attacked by an enemy patrol of 10 soldiers but a MDF patrol was in the local area and rushed to provide defence of the Homestead.  Once the enemy advance was halted the Recce Command Patrol took the offensive and killed 6 of the enemy and captured the remaining 4 soldiers.

Recce Commandos on patrol near Harpers Gully

This has been the third attack of this nature in the Gully area in the last month, each attack has been intercepted resulting in enemy Fatalities and minor injuries in Homesteaders and MDF personnel 

Recce Commado Gunner engages the enemy

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Increase in Border Patrols

The Midshire Intelligence Service has warned that there is an current increased threat is cross border raids from Daigo Goslia forces.

The MDF have increased the number of patrols and it is believed that elements of the Recce Commando and the Specialist unit 43 platoon have been deployed to the Border.

Maj MacCrae of HQ MDF issued a statement to the press stating the following:

“It is the first priority of the Midshire Defence Force to defend to people of our land and their Homesteads.  We have increased the alert state from Cautious to Moderate and we have issued orders to units in the Southern TOAR to adopt a more agressive patrolling routine.  As is normal practice, we do not make comment about the deployment of our Special Forces.”

It was noted that the Air Defence Group has been flying more sorties along the southern border.  Its Strikemaster aircraft have been been on regular partols and combat support operations.

Strikemaster on combat patrol

ParaBat units have again been tasked to patrol the area.

Parabat patrol De-bus from a RAR Spartan APC

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